What you Need to Know Before Choosing a Cleaning Solution for your Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners are all the rage nowadays. Their highly efficient cleaning techniques make them one of the best options out there.

These cleaners take the help of high-frequency sound waves to release and collapse bubbles in a process known as cavitation. It is this process— cavitation — which works wonders in cleaning the dust and removing the contamination from the object that needs to be cleaned.

The Top Reasons Ultrasonic Cleaners Are What You Need

No matter what the type contamination you need to get rid of, ultrasonic cleaners by Hilsonic will help you in achieving your objective and making the object look as clean as new.

There are two main things that drive the cleaning process of an ultrasonic cleaner:

  • Transducer

The transducer is the device that helps in the production of the high-frequency waves. It does so by converting the electrical energy it receives to the ultrasonic energy, releasing the sound waves of the high-frequency into the cleaning container as a result. The power of cleaning and efficiency of an ultrasonic machine depends on the transducer’s power. The transducer also affects the time it takes to clean the object.

  • Cleaning detergent

The cleaning solution will also help to determine the duration and effectiveness of the cleaning. Choosing the cleaning solution is hence very important, and it varies depending on the type of contaminant you want to remove and the part of the object you are trying to clean. Here are a few tips which will help you choose the correct cleaning solution.

Cleaning solutions you should avoid

The first thing that you should refrain from using is a flammable substance such as alcohol, ether or gasoline. These substances can lead to a high amount of heat being released during cavitation which might lead to an explosion. Bleach containing detergents including those used in dishwashing detergents should be avoided, as they can damage the material as well as the sides of the ultrasonic cleaner.

What if different parts of the same machine require different solutions?

In this case, you should clean the device or machine part by part. After every part is cleaned, you should drain the cleaning solution out and refill the part with the correct solution. Of course, you can store and re-use the solution you removed until the dirt in the solution becomes visible. Then you will need to discard the solution.

Choosing the correct solution

Let us help you in making the correct choice in regard to the ideal cleaning solution:

  • If you are cleaning delicate materials like glass and plastic, it is recommended that you use a neutral solution. An example of such a solution is the Elma Clean 65.
  • If you are cleaning ceramic, rubber iron or other similar materials, try choosing a mildly alkaline solution.
  • Acidic solutions are mostly used for metals that can withstand the acid attack and can be used for removing rust and such tough stains.
  • For cleaning heavy grease, oils and such similar stains, you can choose a caustic solution.

So you should check your materials, the contamination type and choose your cleaning solution carefully before starting to operate.

How to overhaul gearbox

Industrial gearboxes are not only complex but require very expert hands when it comes to overhaul. There are general rules and procedures which should be applied to get the best results. The only thing to be ensured is that Gearbox repair and service chosen should be expert. If the service has industrial experience then it is a big plus. Dealing with industrial gearboxes is not a child’s play so make sure to check on all the eligibility before handing the equipment. A glimpse of overall process in this regard is as under:

  • Stripping the equipment

The top three concepts that are taken care of in this phase are backlash measurement, end float and general condition noting. Stripping means detaching any external parts fitted to gearbox. Once the unit is delivered to the overhauling premises it is identified, photographed and inspected. A complete report detailing the parts condition is made.

  • Dimensional measurement

Overhaul is a concept which comes into play when the unit undergoes wear and tear. Complete and accurate measurement is therefore necessary. It also ensures that the manufacturer’s dimensions are also calculated against the unit. There are various concepts that are checked in this regard. Some questions answered are as follows:

  • Are the bores concrete and the parallelism condition?
  • What is bore positioning? Measurement of it horizontally and vertically.
  • Joint face flatness condition
  • What is the bore shape?
  • The process begins

Now the actual part begins. Some of the steps that are taken in this regard are as follows:

> Removal of gear and bearing

It is done with specialized equipment. Presses of various tonnages are required to perform the task. It is a delicate process which can be made safe and secure if right type of machinery is used.

> Testing

In this phase various procedures are applied to check the gearbox condition. Specially made and high power equipment is used. Right process application means that the cracks are detected. It ensures that if the crack has a long history and had remained undetectable then this issue never happens.

  • Repairing

Again in this part through high beam laser the gearbox is aligned. The damaged parts brought back to the original shape after proper testing. If required seal experts are also consulted so that equipment life is enhanced and oil leakage never happens. If required the damaged parts are also metal sprayed.

  • Checking and reassembly

The shafts are reassembled and checked for performance. Backlash and end float are completely checked to avoid future performance issues. The gearbox is then reassembled and all the results are recorded in report.

  • Load testing

Different data points are checked and the values are noted. Partial load testing is also done to note the temperature of bearings. Other testing mechanics are also practiced to ensure that the final delivery made is flawless. Vibration analysis data can also be recorded which is made a part of final report.

  • Dispatch

Once the gearbox is ready its outer surface is painted and the equipment is dispatched where it came from. It is duty of the dispatcher to take care of processes like protection and wrapping.

Compensatory Damages in Personal Injury Cases

The majority of personal injury cases fall into ‘compensatory’ category, meaning that the compensation is needed to be paid to the suffered party due to the loss of ability to work. The compensation aims at providing financial security for the term of incapacity or inability to perform the job (to the maximum possible extent). Therefore, the compensation represents bringing the suffering to money equivalent on practically all the accident consequences.

A certain group of cases is comparatively easy to quantify, e. g. property damage or medical assistance bills. However, it is way more difficult to classify the damage and define the compensation amount in case a suffered party has no chance to enjoy a hobby as a result of the accident suffered. One can learn how to submit accidental claims or whiplash claims for no win no fee; the accessibility gives birth to thousands of cases on an annual basis. And with the emergence of handy online tools, like Solicitors Guru, allowing you to find a licensed lawyer in a couple of clicks, cleints’ activity is growing permanently

Mentioned below is the breakdown of the types of the most common compensatory damages:

  • Medical assistance compensation covers the costs of medical post-accident treatment, the compensation typically covers the amount spend on treatment and includes an extra amount for the future treatment.
  • Income compensation aims at leveling the financial issues that occur during disablement incapacity. This type of compensation focuses not only on the amounts a person could have earned during the incapacity period, but also on money a person could have earned if it was not the accident that had provoked the undesired consequences. The compensation is often categorised as ‘loss of earning capacity’.
  • An individual can be entitled to a reimbursement in case of personal belongings are damaged as a result of an accident. Therefore, the compensation can be paid for virtually any types of property: be it clothing, vehicle, accessories and etc. In this case a market value is taken into account when the sum of compensation is calculated.
  • In pain and suffering cases, the compensation can be provided for discomfort suffered as a result of an accident (both short and long-term consequences can be taken into account).
  • Emotional distress compensation aims at covering serious emotional sufferings an individual had to go through during an accident or deal with it afterwards. The psychological impact or mental trauma leading to more complex diseases or manifestations of diseases yet to be identified (sleep disorder, anxiety, depressive conditions and etc. However, such cases are oftentimes categorised as pain and suffering cases and the amount of reimbursement is calculated basing on a different scheme.
  • An average enjoyment loss case, one of the most complicated types, implies providing compensation for the loss of interest and joy from daily pursuits: hobbies, exercises, recreational activities and etc.

The compensation amounts

In simple cases where the claim aims at compensating physical damage suffered only, the amount of compensation starts from £1-2k pounds: thus, in case of collar bone fracture an individual typically receives from £4 to £9k compensation. In more complicated cases the amount paid varies from case to case and may equal from £4k to £40k. Also find out about cases based on no win no fee terms that saves money on legal fees.

Leeds Festival 2014 Is Coming

Organised annually since the year of 1999, Leeds Festival has managed to establish itself as one of the largest mainstream music events in North Yorkshire. This year the festival celebrates its 15 year history and promises to please crowds of fans with kilowatts of premium sound and traditionally top league artists.

The ambitious series of events started off backed by high-caliber bands, such as The Offspring, Chemical Brothers, Red Hot Chili Peppers and a bunch of other recognizable singers and collectives. Now 15 years later the major 3-day act of music is sponsored by industry giants: Tuborg, Pepsi, Wall’s and a few big names more, meaning there is certainly no lack of investment. Therefore, with years the level of organisation has been experiencing an considerable growth: now it offers 6 stages, an increased number of participant musicians and a decent infrastructure – Braham Park is to welcome thousands of music fans from all corners of Europe on August 22 – 24 (Friday – Sunday).

Blink 182, Arctic Monkeys, Netsky, Pendulum and a vast legion of successful and names will rock the stage this year. The price range starts from 99 pounds for a single day ticket and 200 pounds for the 3-day show ticket; optionally available are lockers, seats of luxury, campervan permits and a number of extra services for avid fans – online booking is available at the official website. The tickets are available to 18+ individuals, those under 18 years are allowed accompanied by adults.

The guests from abroad are offered a good number of options: from on-site campgrounds to a number of hotels in Leeds. Actually, if you want the most of your trip, pay close attention to a rich selection of Leeds hotels – definitely, you will find the option to meet your budget and requirements.